Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners

Comprehensive health insurance for Foreigners is required for all non-EU nationals in the Czech Republic when applying for a visa. This insurance covers all your medical care, including emergency care while you are in the Czech Republic. offers this type of insurance for foreigners for a competitive price. You can arrange your comprehensive health insurance for foreigners online or directly at the office in Prague. can mediate one of the most affordable and valuable health insurance together with our partner insurance company, Slavia. Our comprehensive health insurance for foreigners is all inclusive. That means it covers not only medical emergencies and medical evacuation, but also injuries to the applicant caused by the applicant, as well as those caused by fault of the applicant including damages relating to drug and alcohol use. It also covers repatriations of remains to ones country of residency in event of a death. Our Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners meets all criteria laid down by Czech law (Act No. 326/1999 Coll.) and is accepted by Czech Embassies around the world, and the  Immigration Office (before the Foreign Police.) You can arrange your insurance policy online or directly in the office. The minimum coverage is EUR 60000 per one insured event without any coinsurance or copayment.   



or check the whole process below


 Months  Adults/workers, students, tourists
 (6-60 years)
 3  2 700 CZK
 4  3 600 CZK
 5  4 500 CZK
 6  5 000 CZK
 7  6 300 CZK
 8  7 200 CZK
 9  8 100 CZK
 10  9 000 CZK
 11  9 900 CZK
 12  10 000 CZK
 24  19 100 CZK

valid from 11th of February 2016, subject to change  – enquire about the current price

* students must present their valid confirmation of studies 

How it Works

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can do it at our office:

If you are not in the Czech Republic yet, we offer you an online arrangement:


Details on the Comprehensive Health Insurance and the Slavia insurance company

The insurance is both emergency care and outpatient care coverage. The outpatient care includes preventative and planned medical check-ups, postoperative and post traumatic care, and vaccinations. The quality of health care you receive is equal to that of which Czech citizens receive. The health insurance is suggested for adults, children, students, women who are pregnant or are planning maternity, and professional athletes.


Slavia pojistovna offers a non-stop service of multilingual assistance. This service is used to provide superior service and products for the 50.000 foreigners in the Czech Republic currently covered by their health insurance products. Slavia has been growing by interest of not only individuals but also medical facilities. This is great proof of their quality service and preferred products.    

What Documents You Need to Provide

a) a copy of your passport

b) a current confirmation of study

Useful Links

Myths and Facts about Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners

How to recognise the right insurance required by the Foreign Police and the Czech embassy

Payment methods

Website of the Slavia pojistovna, a.s.



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