If you need to have a document translated, either from your language to Czech or vice versa, we are here to arrange this for you! We provide both normal and official certified translation, rely on us!

Price - official certified translation

Certified translation into Czech from...

Price per standard page*


VIP Client


           450 CZK

    400 CZK


          500 CZK

    450 CZK

   French, Russian, Ukrainian

          550 CZK

    500 CZK

   Greek, Swedish

          650 CZK

    600 CZK


          750 CZK

    700 CZK


          700 CZK

    650 CZK

   Latin into other languages

          900 CZK

    850 CZK
















 * standard page = a text of 1800 characters including spaces. All prices exclude 21% VAT. 

Other languages and language combinations can be arragned upon request for up to 1000 CZK per standard page. Discounts for more extensive documents available! All prices exclude 21% VAT.

Standard time to arrange the translation - 3 working days. Express translation for a special price.

Please ask your Expat&Immigration Consultant for a current price - the pricelist above may vary.


Price - standard translation



We mostly translate from / to:

Ask us if we can arrange other languages!

 How it Works

If you need a normal translation, then just send it by email!

If you need your documents certified translated, just send us the original document or a notarial verification of the original document. Therefore, the notarized copy will be bound to the translation rather than the original. To speed up the process, you can send us a scanned version of the document and we will have it translated before it arrives by post.

You can make your payments either by cash or online via PayPal or credit card through a secured payment portal. For more information on how to make a payment, check this page.  Please note that all fees are to be covered by you. If you wish to have the translation sent to your postal address please send 200 CZK for postage fees.

Why to make a notarial verification?

When you have a document certified translated, it requires that the document is bound together with the translation. This is why we recommend a notarized copy of your document for the translation to be bound with. We can arrange a notarial verification for 100 CZK + 21% VAT for the first page, and 50 CZK + 21% VAT for the following pages. This way the original remains free for future use, and the notarized copy is bound to the certified translation.

The whole process is as follows:

  1. send us a document to be translated by email and specify whether you need a normal or a certified translation, the required deadline and other requirements
  2. if you need it certified, send us the original physical document or its notarial verification by post or bring it to our office personally
  3. pay a deposit in cash or by a credit card
  4. your translation will be ready in a few days depending on the extent and sent to you by post or ready to be picked up in our office

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