The Immigration Office (also known as the Foreign Police) will be one of your first stops in the Czech Republic if you are planning to get a visa, long- or short-term residence permit etc. Since the officials usually don't speak English, will happily help you - with assistance, advice and support!

Especially students coming to first year of a university and have previously studied abroad will need so called "nostrifikace" - an acknowledgement of studies abroad. This is quite a complex procedure, but don't worry, we will do it step-by-step instead of you!

For the ones who are finishing their university an apostillization, that is a certification of documents' legitimacy, may be useful. This is also a time-consuming process, but it's our job!

The Immigration Office will often require some documents to be officially translated - feel free to ask us to arrange this for you!

We can help with all of these services and assist you to make sure that everything goes smooth!

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(00420) 211 221 492 in the Czech Republic

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