Driving school in English

Are you thinking about getting a car and driving by yourself? No problem - enroll at the English driving school in Prague with Foreigners.cz!

You will attend all lessons together with our professional English-speaking instructor who is trained to teach you practical driving skills, and the necessary theories behind being a safe and aware driver. 

Join our group of foreigners who have successful passed the driving exam and now enjoy the freedom having a driver’s license brings! 


Driving lessons - 12 000 CZK (incl. Translators fee during exam)

Administration fee -  700 CZK

You are required to pay the deposit of 1500 CZK in our office when filling in the application, the rest of the amount is paid directly at the driving school.

Additional payment not included in the amount above are the doctor’s health condition confirmation - aprox. 500 CZK and any assistance service you might require.

How it works

  1. Fill in the online application form by clicking on the green button above
  2. We will contact you to arrange a meeting in our office
  3. We will fill in the paper application together, you will pay a deposit of 1500 CZK and we'll also discuss the next steps to be taken regarding the medical check-up, residence permit etc.
  4. You can start your training straight away!

If you are not sure about anything, please, contact us and we will guide you through the process so that you can get your driving licence as soon as possible and without any problems.


Driving lessons consist of:

Final exam consists of 3 parts:


Important information

Non-EU nationals are required by law to have a long-term or permanent residence permit to be allowed to be issued the driving licence. This application is for free and we will gladly assist you, just bear in mind that it takes time to process it. You cannot be issued a driving license sooner than 6 months after the confirmation of residence permit issue date. But don’t worry - you can use the time to study properly :)

According the new law, EU citizens do not have to be holder of temporary residence permit but they need to submit document which shows their family or personal ties to the Czech Republic in order to issue driving license. It means, submit documents such as confirmation of studies, contract of accomodation, agreement of ownership property in the Czech Republic, trade license etc. 

Apply for a driving school here or contact us for more information at prague@foreigners.cz

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